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Jessica W.

Santa Monica, CA


We were referred by a friend to Tina Bahador and we are thankful we found her to work with our daughter for an academic assessment. Our daughter readily felt comfortable with us leaving her with Tina, which does not come easily all the time, and our daughter was on the younger side, as a school required the assessment. Our daughter even asked to go back and visit the next day, she had a great time on top of "working/being tested". We felt the outcome made sense based on our personal observations.

Frank G.

Los Angeles, CA


I rarely right reviews, but in this unique case, I felt it was warranted. We originally found Dr. Tina Bahador, because she was recommended by a school in Los Angeles, which required IQ testing of our 4 year old son in order to qualify our son for their school. We had major reservations about IQ testing of a 4 year old child, but, like most parents, we wanted to make sure that we didn't drop the ball in keeping different opportunities open for our child. So we decided to schedule the IQ testing with Dr. Bahador about 6 months before the testing took place. During that 6-month down time, our reservations continued and we even second guessed whether we would want our child to go to the particular school that required the IQ test.

Nevertheless, we decided to go ahead with the IQ test to keep our son's options open. As the testing date approached, we realized we needed to figure out a way to explain to our son why he was going to visit Dr. Bahador. We were of the mindset that it would be bad for him to know that he was being tested and we definitely did not want him to know the result regardless of what it was. Therefore, we decided to explain to our son that we were taking him to a "game doctor", which was different than a "medical doctor", because the "game doctor" specialized in playing games and doing riddles. The explanation was great to get him excited, but it also helped focus him on trying his hardest.

When we arrived, Dr. Bahador invited us into her office, where she incidentally described herself as a doctor that does a lot of games, which was nice as it paralleled what we had told our son. From the outset, Dr. Bahador was extremely inviting and put our son at ease. She spoke to him with such respect and deference, which immediately built a rapport between them and made it an extremely pleasant experience for our son. Although he started out a little quiet, as he usually does when meeting new people, once the door was closed and I was sitting in the waiting room, our son turned talkative and responsive in an extremely positive way. After about 45 minutes, the door swung open with my son booming with happiness wanting to tell me how much fun the games were (and what he found in Dr. Bahador's treasure chest). After being uncertain about how this type of thing would go, I was overwhelmingly happy that the experience had been so wonderful for my son. It truly was an experience where he just felt he got to play some fun games for 45-minutes. Keep in mind this was also during Covid and masks were utilized, yet Dr. Bahador still was able to overcome the awkwardness of masks in administering the test and building a rapport. She was just fantastic with him. Utterly fantastic.

Now, I am providing the description above, so that other parents know what to expect from the testing portion. However, the testing portion was not what I felt was most valuable about Dr. Bahador. It was the interpretation aspect of the test that was most useful. As I had mentioned, we were on the fence about having our 4 year old son undergo IQ testing. However, what we never realized about the IQ testing was how extremely helpful it could be to understanding our child and his educational needs.

Before the test took place, we had already started to rule out the school that originally made us decide to get IQ testing, but we still wanted to know what would be best for our son. And boy did it pay off.

We elected to reserve the follow-up session with Dr. Bahador. During that session, Dr. Bahador explained our son's IQ score to us, but she also went on to discuss with us in great detail about how our son learns, areas to watch out for, the type of school environment that she thought he would thrive in, etc. Dr. Bahador's well-grounded analysis, which was derived from her clinical impressions and the IQ testing, was extremely informative and helpful. Moreover, it was also invaluable to us with respect to evaluating our child's readiness for kindergarten.

In sum, we highly recommend Dr. Bahador. It doesn't matter whether you think you have a child with average intelligence, superior intelligence, or anything in between. Dr. Bahador's insight and IQ testing will help you foster the best future learning environment for your child and help you understand how to best assist your child moving forward. After approaching the whole process with skepticism, I now find myself wishing that my own parents had this type of insight about me when I was only 4 years old.

Stephanie N.

Los Angeles, CA


We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Bahador, and learned so much about our son, as well as the best options for his education.

M K.

Boulder, CO


It was a pleasure to work with Dr Bahador; she is professional and her assessments were to the point.

Jessica S.

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Bahador conducted an assessment and IQ test for our four and a half year old daughter. It was required for one of the schools we were applying to, but I am so glad that our family met her and has had the benefit of her advice. She immediately made our daughter feel comfortable and made the testing process not only painless but actually enjoyable for her. She has a warm, friendly and approachable manner.
Her expertise in the area of IQ testing was very evident in the in depth feedback she provided to us. She talked through the results in detail with us so that we understood what they meant and how to best support our daughter's potential. She also offered excellent advice about schools in the Los Angeles area and what options would be the best fit for our daughter. She is very knowledgeable about the educational programs at many schools and her insight was incredibly helpful as we approached the application process.
I would highly recommend Dr. Bahador for anyone who needs an independent assessment of their child and also for parents looking for advice on what schools might be the best fit for their child.

Jeffrey B.

Los Angeles, CA


It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Bahador.
Dr. Bahador was on the short list of clinicians approved to provide testing for a school application. After reading reviews of all listed I felt most comfortable with the feedback for her.
Her office staff were quick and concise in their response to my inquiry and an appointment quickly set. The details provided in advance of the appointment were absolutely perfect in COVID-19 times. This included "How do we describe to our son what we are doing in a neutral manner?" We arrived feeling properly prepared both mentally and physically for the assessment. On arrival it is quickly apparent the office is COVID-19 ready. Everything went as scheduled. Dr. Bahador was wonderful in addressing our son directly and explaining what was going to happen. At the time of this review he still asks when he will get to go back and "play with Dr. Tina".
I absolutely encourage you to make the additional time and effort to review the results with her rather than just accept the report. As a clinician I immediately knew she was sharing her notes in addition to explaining the results of a standard test. This is invaluable. The test results are what they are. The details and nuances Dr. Bahador outlined provided us with valuable insights we will work to embrace.
We look forward to future encounters with Dr. Bahador and her staff. They provide wonderful value.

E T. 

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Bahador is a fantastic professional. She administered an IQ test for our ten-year old son. She made him comfortable right away. We almost had to peel him away from Dr. Bahador's office after the exam. The subsequent optional parent-only interview provided us with several insights and facts that were not apparent to us previously. We strongly recommend Dr. Bahador without reservations.

Yasmyne M.

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Bahador conducted an evaluation of our children to help us identify their respective strengths and weaknesses. Her friendly demeanor and clear mastery of her field made us comfortable as it related to the testing process. Our children were put at ease by her, and the report and follow up interview to discuss results was tremendously insightful. We would strongly recommend her for any cognitive evaluation dealing with children.

Rory H. 

San Francisco, CA


Dr. Bahador was extremely professional and thorough in her testing and reporting.

Angel M.

City of Industry, CA


We were going to have an IQ test for one of our kids and we found Dr. Bahador listed through approved psychologists for IQ testing at Mirman School, she is in the first one from the list. Dr. Bahador conducted an IQ test for our 9 years and 3 months old son. My son really enjoyed the whole process of IQ test and got wonderful experience. And we continued to have Dr. Bahador to test my 2nd son ( 5.5 year old), my little one got very good experience with the IQ test and enjoyed it very much. Dr. Bahador knows kids very well and has kids to try their best to achieve their potentials. Dr. Bahador also provide meaningful insights and professional solutions to my two boys for a better educational thoughts. Her results and analysis opens our eyes to see our sons from a wise way, and we really appreciate Dr. Bahador and would strongly recommend her to any parents who want to have a wise understanding for their kids.

Alya W.

New York, NY


Dr. Bahador tested 2 of ours kids (9 and 6 years old). The kids really enjoyed the experience and felt very comfortable. Dr. Bahador has extensive experience administering various IQ tests to kids and working with children in general. She was thoughtful, helpful, flexible, and did everything she could to ensure the best possible result for our kids. Thank you Dr. Bahador!

Jane A. 

Santa Monica, CA


Ms. Bahador conducted an IQ test for our 4.5 year old daughter. Our daughter loved her and enjoyed the meeting with her during which the test was conducted. This is definitely Dr. Bahador's niche and she knows how to make the kids comfortable enough so they can conduct the test in a care-free environment. We promptly received a report two weeks later.


San Fernando Valley, CA


We feel really be understood to talk with PhD Tina Bahador, thanks for knowing us so well and gave us all the recommendations, it gives our family a new direction. If we need other help about kids, we will turn to her help. She is professional, compassionate and intelligent. I highly recommend.

Janet K.

Los Angeles, CA


Tina Bahador is very professional and showed great skill in building rapport with our kids (at ages 9 and 10 years old) to obtain detailed testing results. She was very easy to work with and we really appreciated her assessing both of our children and providing feedback on the results.

Hsiu-Yen B.

Beverly Hills, CA


Dr. Bahador is so wonderful. We have worked with Tina a couple times. For some parents this can be a difficult step in understanding how your child learns so you and your school can work out a plan to see your child reach all their academic and social potential. Its a roadmap for your child. Excellent experience.

Max M.

Los Angeles, CA


Every parent likes to think their kid is gifted. It's rare you find a parent who says that their precious bundle is basically going to need to get by on charm. Moreover, on the west side of LA where the ability to buy a single family home now requires a credit score over 800, a suitcase full of laundered cash, 1600's on your SATs, magna cum whatever for college, and an IQ score near the temperature of properly cooked sous vide - there's a lot of pressure to start testing your kid the moment they crack Foucault's Pendulum in preschool. So we were hesitant about getting our six year old tested but we wanted more information about her strengths and weaknesses. I am, after all, a prime example of someone who was born gifted, told they were gifted, and then at 28 realized I probably should have something to show for all that potential besides a mountain of college debt, unsold screenplays, a shitty car, loving wife, and partially mutilated rescue dog. My wife and I wanted as much objective insights as we could to make an informed decision about our kid's options, without layering in a decade of anxiety trying to game her into an Ivy League school. We got Dr. Bahador's name from a trusted friend. Setting up an appointment was easy, it was effortless to make the arrangements, and on the appointment day she formed an immediate rapport with our daughter. On our follow-up visit we got the analysis and insights into what the test revealed, and thus an idea of what to consider as next steps. Dr. Bahador was clear, focused, inquisitive, and listened before making observations. Side note: it's worth listening to the 2 hour long debate between Sam Harris and Ezra Klein who have argued online for more than a year about the murky waters of IQ testing - in short, Harris started revisiting Charles Murphy's Bell Curve in an effort to try and get to the academic value of IQ testing, while Klein argued that one cannot remove race, class, gender, and social aspects from analysis because changing these pieces demonstrably raises and lowers test results. Harris' views and hostile attitude have landed him in a lot of trouble, while Klein's ideological viewpoints cause him to throw out the pursuit of abstract intelligence testing entirely. This is a long way of saying that if you would like to pursue IQ testing, Dr. Bahador is an exceptional choice, she is wonderful to work with, doesn't oversell her product, and gives excellent, measured advice about schools, options, capabilities, and pitfalls.

Laura T. 

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Bahador was one of several doctors I contacted to administer the Weschler IV test to my preschool-aged child. I selected Dr. Bahador because my first impression of her was very positive. She was professional, courteous, and flexible. Not only did she reply promptly to my query email, but she also provided details about the test setting in her office, parking, and gave me several test dates to choose from that would work with my schedule. A later feedback session (scheduled separately, only for parents) was included in the price of the test. At this session, my husband and I gained invaluable information about our child's abilities. Dr. Bahador explained in great detail our child's performance on each section of the test, which gave us insight and confirmed what we had suspected about our child's gifted abilities. Dr. Bahador also includes a written report with the test results and observations. This report has been invaluable during the kindergarten application process, since it provides prospective schools with an in-depth understanding of our child's abilities. I highly recommend Dr. Bahador. She's an expert in her field, but also a caring individual who provided us with invaluable advice and insights regarding our child.

Shari J. 

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Bahador was very instrumental in the IQ testing process for our children.  It is very obvious she cares about kids and passionate about her work.  Dr. Bahador is very professional and very good at making kids feel comfortable to help them reach their full potential in the testing process.  We really appreciate the time she took to give us advice on schools and our children's future.  We highly recommend Dr. Bahador.

Monica V. 

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Bahador administered the WPPSI test to our son.  She made him feel comfortable and at ease from the very beginning and he enjoyed the experience.  During the parent session one week later, she was very thorough in explaining the results and scoring to us.  We found her advice about Kindergarten placement very valuable.

Dr. Bahador is professional, helpful, and patient.  We will certainly return to her when it will be time for our younger daughter to take her IQ test.

Liz W. 

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Tina Bahador gave my 8 year old son an IQ test.  She was very professional, yet warm inviting, and immediately made my son feel comfortable.  Her follow up was timely and  insightful, and her report very clear and thoughtful. Best of all, my son really enjoyed the experience. I would highly reccommend Dr. Bahador!

Young K. 

Los Angeles, CA


I called Dr Bahador to ask for an IQ test on my son for the application to a gifted school.  Dr Bahador was very nice and patient to answer my questions and arranged the test appointment promptly.  The whole IQ test process was effective, professional and productive.  My son was nervous at first, but with Dr Bahador's patience and kindness, he was able to relax and finish the test with confidence finally.  In our parent session, Dr Bahador explained to us the test score and her observation, which we were amused by how experienced and professional she is and how well she knows about our son through the test. We really appreciate her advice on schooling and parenting,  it is so true and helpful. We are very happy that we pick Dr Bahador from the school certified psychologist list.  My friend who had chosen another certified one from the list did not have such a wonderful experience like mine.

M C.

Los Angeles, CA


We found Dr. Bahador listed through the approved psychologists for IQ testing at Mirman School.  What a wonderful gem!  We IQ tested all three of our children.  The results that she provided gave us meaningful insights.  Her analysis and conclusions helped us better understand our children.  She went even further to provide tangible suggestions on how was can better support our kids.  Without her analysis and testing results, we would not have taken our child's classroom disruptions as seriously.   If we hadn't counseled with Dr. Tina, I don't think that we would have discovered our child's learning challenges.  We have deep gratitude for her and would recommend her without reservation.

Nana K. 

Anaheim, CA


It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Bahador on getting my 10 year old daughter's IQ tested. Though her office is 2 hours away, we were willing to take the drive to work with her. Upon sending out an inquiry for testing, Dr. Bahador was quick in not only getting back to us, but on being able to test my daughter right away.
My daughter enjoyed the 45 minute testing process! Dr. Bahador administered the Fifth Edition WISC-V scale for children. A week later, she invited both my husband and I back into her office for a thorough evaluation. She was both very patient and informative with us. With the results of my daughter falling in the highly gifted scale, she also went through many different options we could provide for my child. What I really appreciated was the fact that she was very helpful with the many questions and concerns we had.
Dr. Bahador provided us with a written result a week later. We had more questions, and thought it wouldn't hurt to send her an email. She responded quickly back to us with more resources, and remained caring and helpful. Through this whole process, I would highly recommend any parents to contact Dr. Bahador. She is very thorough, positive, patient and overall seems to genuinely care about the family's concerns.

Amanda E. 

Pacific Palisades, CA


Incredible, brilliant professional! Both of our children were tested by Dr. Bahador, several years apart. Her report, analysis and counseling didn't just help with the children's school application process: they gave us far-reaching insights into our children, the way each of them learns and how we can better support them as they navigate their schooling. We could not be more enthusiastic in our recommendation of Dr. Bahador.

Julia B. 

Los Angeles, CA


We decided to hire Dr. Bahador (Dr. Tina) after interviewing several people. Dr. Tina was thorough with the testing of our child. Her report was so detailed and accurate that it helped us navigate through high school. We were able to receive the services that we needed through high school without issue, as well as testing accommodations that can sometimes be tedious to obtain. The testing also provided insight into which areas we should focus more attention on to create a student success plan. Dr. Tina listened to what we had to say and provided the help we needed in a timely, compassionate fashion. While going through an already stressful process, it's important to hire someone who will really take care of your families needs. Although Dr. Tina was expensive, sometimes you really get what you pay for and this was worth it!