Intellectual Assessments (IQ Testing)

Dr. Bahador conducts intellectual assessments (IQ tests) with children (starting at age 4) and adolescents to determine eligibility for admissions to gifted programs and schools.  She has been assessing students for intellectual giftedness for admissions to The Mirman School (a school for highly gifted children) since 2003.  Dr. Bahador offers a positive and supportive environment to make the IQ testing process an interesting and engaging experience for children. She helps children feel comfortable and also motivates them to try their best in order to obtain optimal results. Dr. Bahador also administers IQ tests to adults to determine eligibility to high IQ groups (i.e., Mensa International).


Assessing an individual’s intellectual skills includes administration of a Wechsler IQ test (WPPSI-IV, WISC-V or WAIS-IV, depending on the age of the individual).  The testing process includes test administration, scoring and analysis, and a written report. Parents have the option to schedule a 45-minute feedback session to discuss the testing results with Dr . Bahador in person. Parents also have the option to schedule a 90-minute parent feedback session to include discussion of school placement considerations based on the test results. Parent feedback sessions are offered at an additional fee (go to "Contact and Fees" tab for details) 


Children between ages 4 to 7.5 are administered the WPPSI-IV, which takes about one hour to administer.  Children and adolescents between ages 7.5 to 16 are administered the WISC-V, which takes about 1.25 hours to administer. Individuals who are 17-years-old and older are administered the WAIS-IV, which takes about 2 hours to administer.


If you are interested in obtaining an IQ test for your child, please email her with your child's date of birth and then you will be provided with more information about the testing process and next available appointments ( 

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