Parent Consultations 

​Dr. Bahador offers parent consultations, including:

  • Assessment and treatment planning: Dr. Bahador works with parents to determine  the best course of action when a child, adolescent or young adult is struggling at emotionally, socially and/or academically. During one to two parent consultation meetings, she gathers history, assesses the presenting questions and concerns, and guides parents regarding how to address the issues, such as suggestions for specific interventions or an assessment. Dr. Bahador offers valuable guidance to parents so their child/adolescent can function optimally academically, socially, and emotionally. Referrals to other specialists are also provided (as needed). 

  •  Educational/School placement consultations: Dr. Bahador has worked with  most of the private and public schools on the Westside of Los Angeles. She  guides parents to find the “optimal fit” between a student’s learning, social and emotional needs with specific educational programs. Conducting an IQ test is often helpful in this process to obtain information about a child or adolescent's intellectual skills, in addition to their social, emotional and behavioral functioning (obtained from behavioral observations during the testing process and from parent's report).

  • Parenting education and training (i.e., interventions for children with ADHD or other social, emotional and/or behavioral problems)

  • Participation in school/IEP meetings