Assessment Process

A  comprehensive psycho-educational assessment typically includes a 2-hour clinical interview with parents (or adult client), approximately  8 to 12 hours of face-to-face testing (usually divided into 2 or 3 days of testing with breaks), phone consultations with a teacher or other professional(s), review of any past assessment reports, scoring and analysis, a 2-hour parent feedback meeting, and a written report.  The clinical interview helps identify concerns and determine goals for the assessment.  It involves obtaining an extensive developmental, medical, academic, and psycho-social history.  The number of hours/days required for testing depends on the age of the patient, the presenting concerns, and the specific goals of the assessment (children usually 8 to 10 hours of testing; adolescents and adults usually 10 to 12 hours). Testing involves question and answer tests, paper and pencil tasks, computerized tests, interactive activities and self-report questionnaires. During the parent (or adult client) feedback session, Dr. Bahador explains all of the assessment results (including strengths and challenges and any diagnoses) and provides specific recommendations for interventions and/or academic accommodations (as applicable based on the results). She also addresses any questions that parents may have and provides appropriate referrals, as needed. Dr. Bahador works very well with children and adolescents and makes the testing process an interesting and engaging experience for them. 

Dr. Bahador usually has a 2 to 4 month waiting list (based on her availability) for comprehensive psycho-educational assessments. It is recommended that you schedule a phone consultation in advance to discuss a possible assessment. Dr. Bahador is currently scheduling assessments in September 2020.

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